Sunday, May 24, 2015

Did Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" fulfill its hype?

Whether you’re a “Swiftie” or not, there is no denying that Taylor Swift dominated the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday, where she received eight awards.  However, most of the buzz on social media did not pertain to her wins.  Instead, people were raving about the premiere of Swift’s music video for her song “Bad Blood.”

Before the music video made its debut during the award show, Swift was able to create suspense with her brilliant social media marketing plan.  Promotions began on her Twitter and Instagram accounts 10 days prior to the release date on May 7.  Swift first posted an edgy, cinematic picture of herself that revealed her role as “Catastrophe” in her music video.

Leading up to the release, the pop-singer also reveled several other celebrities who would appear in the “Bad Blood” video including: Kendrick Lamar, Lily Aldridge, Zendaya, Hayley Williams, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Haliee Steinfeld, Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Serayah Love, Jessica Alba, Martha Hunt, Ellen Pompeo, Mariska Hargitay, Selena Gomez, and Cindy Crawford. Each day, Swift posted pictures of the various actresses, singers, and supermodels as their heroic alter egos.  Over 100 million people viewed the promotional media on Twitter, but the edgy theme and large amount of celebrity cameos made the video highly anticipated.

Luckily, “Bad Blood” was able to exceed its expectations after the premiere.  According to Billboard, Swift was mentioned 149,000 times during the Billboard Music Awards, and the hashtag, #BadBloodMusicVideo, was used over 112,176 times on Twitter.  The social media platform even gave Swift a customized “Bad Blood” emoji to go along with the hashtag.

Source: USA Today
Overall, more than 7 million tweets were posted about Swift and “Bad Blood” since the announcement on May 7.  Swift proved to be a savvy social media user, as well as a fearless and powerful young woman.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Answering “How is the job search going?” and other awkward questions during summer break

Summer break is a time for rest and relaxation, but it isn’t completely stress-free.

One of the greatest stressors of the sunny season is the barrage of questions from family members and friends who are dying to know answers to their inquiries that you might not know yourself.

These questions can blindside you at barbecues, birthday parties, or even family vacations, so it is important to be ready to answer them without letting your emotions get out of hand.

Here are some of the most common and uncomfortable questions you may get asked this summer, and tips on how to answer them:

1. “What do you do in your major?”- This question is so predictable for PR majors that most of us already have an eye roll on standby. However, it is important to remember that at one point, you may not have had a complete definition of your major, and you may have struggled to figure out where your studies would take you in the real world. Most PR students still have trouble finding a fitting definition for our major even after we have become upperclassmen! It can be helpful to speak about your favorite classes in PR or even describe the areas of PR that interest you the most. That way, you aren’t reciting a textbook definition, and you are explaining your interest in the field as well.

2. “Aren’t you worried about finding a job?”- This question is so forward, it may knock you off your feet when you first hear it. Unfortunately, people may ask you these kinds of questions, and even though it may sting at the time, it is important to be honest with your answer and be confident in your abilities. You can be honest if you are a bit nervous, but focus on the experiences you have had (such as internships) and classes you have taken that have prepared you for the professional world, and bulk up your answer with reasons that you are confident in yourself and your future job search.

3. “How is the job search going?”- Recent graduates are already under stress trying to find jobs, and random questions regarding the search can not only be annoying, but also upsetting. It is important to keep in mind that most people are not asking maliciously, and are only curious to see what your plans are. If you have a job secured, congratulations, but if not, don’t feel ashamed. Answer the question truthfully, and try not to get upset. It could be possible that the person asking has a position in mind for you to look into!

What do you think of these answers to these common questions? Let us know!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pros and Cons of Extending Your Internship

Congratulations, you were offered an internship for a company, organization or non-profit. Whether it is paid or not, it is a new and exciting opportunity to grow and learn in the communications, marketing or advertising field. So you spent the semester interning doing a variety of tasks and projects. Now it’s the end of the semester  and you have the choice to find another internship or extend and stay at the same place for another semester. Of my past three internships, I extended two for a second semester and enjoyed every second of it. Keep in mind, there are pros and cons of extending your internship.

-Continuing to Grow and Learn
By continuing your internship, you can grow more in the same company. You have already spent a full semester proving yourself, and staying longer can help you gain more responsibility and duties. It also allows you to get to know the company better and lets you explore different departments.

-Strengthening Relationships
Staying at the same place for an additional semester will help you strengthen relationships. You will continue to get to know you supervisors and co-workers and vice versa. Being there another semester will allow you to really get comfortable and fully trust each other. It also gives you more time to network and get their advice to help you advance in your career.

- Job Opportunities
Professionals are always on the prowl for new opportunities. You never know when someone at the company you are interning at is going to leave for another opportunity. By extending your internship, you supervisor already knows how you work, so you could be a top contender for the job.


-Less Internship Diversity
Being at the same place will lead to a smaller number of total employers and less diversity in your work experience. Exploring a variety of internships can help you figure out what fields you enjoy and don’t enjoy so much.

-Stunting Growth
At some internships, you can only grow and learn so much. Thise internship may have been great for one semester but you might have learned and done all you can do there. Staying an additional semester may not help you grow more because you will just repeat the same jobs and tasks. Moving on may be the best to learn new skills.

Whether you stay or search for a new internship opportunity, good luck in you internships and always remember to work hard and never be afraid to ask for help!

Friday, May 15, 2015

We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

The first day at an internship can be a lot like the first day of school when growing up. You are excited to see how your new boss operates, curious to see what peers you will get along with, and overall anxious about what lies ahead. When discussing internships throughout college, we are always told “do’s and don’t’s” or “what to wear,” but the topic of how to handle an internship that may not be giving what you deserve in return is never discussed. As a college student can be intimidating and discouraging to be at an internship that doesn’t provide you with what you feel they should, so below are some things I’ve learned along the way in how to handle that type of situation.

First off, they chose YOU. You should be confident in yourself and understand they brought you on board for a reason. A first internship during your freshman or sophomore year is the best time to grow and get a feel for an office environment. Since it is your first internship, I would say it is fair to give the company a hall pass if it is not the most structured internship program. If you find yourself doing irrelevant work sometimes, take what you can from it because you can benefit in other ways from it. As an upperclassman, it is important you chose a company that will not do that and teach you real skills for your industry. Going into your senior year, you should not be at an internship that is making you hand out flyers and go on coffee runs, ESPECIALLY if it is unpaid. Even though we are just interns, that doesn’t mean you should not be treated respectfully and feel a
part of the company.

It can be awkward deciding when it is the most appropriate time to say something to your boss if you feel things are out of hand. Always start off by asking for more work to do, or if there is a cool project you are interested in, let them know you are and you would like to help out in any way. Volunteer at events your company holds to show them you are interested in being a part of the company. If worse comes to worse and things still don’t get better it may be time to leave. Always leave on a good note and be professional about leaving by letting them know at least two weeks in advance like you would at a real job. Never burn bridges and always be nice know matter what the situation is.

In our field, there are a lot of unpaid internships, but at the same time you can find paid ones if you try. Internships should be exciting and a learning experience. They are not always rainbows and butterflies, but overall you should leave feeling you took some great things away.

By Gabrielle Lacherza 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

PRowl's Newest Members

Welcome PRowl's newest members into the firm!

Isabella Abiuso 
Isabella is currently a junior at Temple University studying Strategic Communications with a focus in public relations. She is also pursuing a Corporate Social Responsibility Minor and Event Leadership Certificate. Isabella has done professional social media for an ice cream company and sustainable catering business. In her free time, Isabella loves to cook and explore the city of brotherly love.   

Taylor Carnard
Taylor is a sophomore studying Advertising and Public Relations. She is from Norristown, PA. When not studying, Taylor enjoys going to the city and exploring new things. Taylor hopes to work for Ogilvy and Mather in the future. 

Jason Conaway
Jason is currently a junior at Temple and a Public Relations Intern at Jenna Communications. He works part-time for both the Philadelphia Phillies and Rita's Water Ice.When he is not working, he can be found hanging out with his roommates or watching all his favorite Philadelphia sports teams. 

Samantha Cox
Samantha is a senior Political Science and Strategic Communication double major with concentrations in Public Relations and International Communication. She is also working on a minor in Digital Media Technologies with hopes that this will help her find a PR career in the tech startup industry. Her dream job would take her to San Francisco where she could eat all the In-N-Out Burger her heart desires.

Clarissa Ford
Clarissa is a sophomore from New Jersey studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in PR and a minor in Adult and Organizational Leadership. One of her favorite hobbies developing her sports blog, She Knows The Rules. She hopes to one day make a career by combining herlove for sports and her love for media. You can find her cheering on her favorite team, painting her nails, or catching up on the latest reality television.  

Victoria Goins 
Victoria is a sophomore at Temple University majoring in Strategic Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. In the fall of 2015 she will begin serving as the Political Action chair for Progressive NAACP as well as the Press and Publicity chair for the National Society of Leadership and Success. You can also catch her in Temple’s production of the choreopoem For Colored Girls this fall. When she’s not at a rehearsal or an executive board meeting, you’ll be sure to find her at home, sporting mismatch pajamas, and catching up on all her favorite television shows.  

Su Rei Khoo
Su Rei is currently a third-year undergraduate student at Temple University with a focus in Strategic Communication and Public Relations. A social media enthusiast, she is a strong advocate for personal branding and effective communication. She has demonstrated solid analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills through her work experience as a tutor and conversational coach. 

Joshua Ortiz
Josh serves as an Off Campus Co-Chair for Main Campus Program Board. He is currently a freshman, majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Spanish. Joshua also serves as Vice President of Johnson and Hardwick community council and is a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Dylan Rhudd
Dylan is a sophomore, currently studying Marketing in Fox School of Business. He was born and raised in Newark, DE, and recently transferred to Temple in the fall. Outside of PRowl, Dylan works as a salesman at Journeys and interns for tech start-up company Instamour as a Social Media Ambassador. During his free time, Dylan likes to spend with friends and family, listen to hip hop, and explore Philadelphia.

Kristen VanLeer
Kristen is a Junior Media Studies and Production major with a minor in Public Relations. As an active member of PRSSA, she enjoys working events with the Community Service committee. While Kristen has an interest in non-profit PR, music is also a major part of her life, and she hopes to work in Marketing or Booking for the Music Industry. During her free time, she enjoys shopping and going out to eat in the city, watching Netflix with her cat, and seeing local Philadelphia bands with her friends on weekends.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How To Keep Your Summer Job Relevant

As PR students, the reality of summer is that whether you have a summer internship or not, you most likely have a summer job to supplement your unpaid internship or to keep yourself busy. Though you might think your summer job is unrelated to your PR education, here are some ways to keep your summer job relevant:

1. Be familiar with the product you are selling
Whether you’re working in retail or at a restaurant, its important to know the product you are selling. Just like with public relations, you have to know what you are endorsing before you do so. Customers will be able to tell if you don’t know your product, and better yet, they will appreciate it that much more when they know that you do. 

2. Practice exceptional customer service
No matter what your summer job may be, chances are you’ll have some sort of customer interaction. It’s a given that public relations is all about communicating, so practice the skills you’ve learning about communicating with publics and public speaking when dealing with customers. Not only will it give you practice, but it will also make you a valuable asset to your job. 

3. Try your hardest
If it seems like it might be stretching it to say that your summer job is relevant to your PR studies, that’s okay. Trying your hardest and having integrity at any job you do will make you a better employee as well as a better job candidate in the future. Even if your job is unrelated PR, a good personal recommendation from any boss is always valuable and important. 

Do you have a summer job and want to share how you keep it relevant? Let us know!

By Rute Barkai

Thursday, May 7, 2015

O-M-G Chipotle goes GMO-free!

On Monday, April 27, Chipotle announced that they are “G-M-Over it” and cut out ingredients that were made with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Chipotles website explains how GMO crops corn and soy are no longer used in their tortilla recipe. The two ingredients have been replaced with non-GMO alternatives such as rice bran oil and sunflower, which align with Chipotles “food with integrity” motto. Convinced? 

Source: Chipotle
Some critics are not. Though Chipotle has been a strong advocate for selling food using only the freshest ingredients, many believe that the G-M-Over itis just a greenwashing PR tactic. Greenwashing, or green marketing, is used to promote the perception that an organizations products, aims, or policies are environmentally friendly. Announcing GMO-free ingredients turned many people off. Here is why:

Attempt to attract millennials
The millennial generation as a whole is beginning to see the importance of sustainable businesses practices that go into making products. They are becoming increasingly aware of what is being put into their food and where their food is coming from. Many millennials steer away from GMO-made products, partially because GMOs are misunderstood. Experts say the GMO-containing foods being grown in the States are no riskier than conventional foods. Currently, all GMO applications are safe according to Gregory Jaffe, director of biotechnology at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Not 100% G-M-Over it
Towards the end of the announcement, Chipotle states that while their tortillas and cooking oil are 100% GMO-free, their sodas and meat still contain traces of GMOs. Sodas contain corn syrup, which always has  some type of genetic modification. The feed that animals eat usually includes corn and genetically modified grain. Clearly Chipotle is not G-M-Over it if they continue to sell sodas and meat from animals that consume feed. Perhaps Chipotle should have titled the announcement G-M-Ostly Over Itfor accuracy.

Uh, hello? Chipotle is still unhealthy fast food
Using GMO-free cooking oil and tortillas does not make Chipotle any healthier for consumers. At the end of the day, a burrito is a burrito. A survey conducted by the New York Times revealed the typical meal consumed at Chipotle contains close to a full days sodium intake and 1,070 calories.

Jaffe exclaims, If (Chipotle) really wanted to improve peoples health, they should worry a lot more about the salt and fat in their burritos than a little bit of soybean oil and a little cornmeal.” 

Personally, this controversy will not steer me away from Chipotle anytime soon (Pile on the guac! Yes, I know it is extra). However, it does make you think about what the food industry determines as a priority for its consumers. What do you think? Was this just another greenwashing technique or do you feel that the GMO-free announcement increases credibility among environmentally conscious Chipotle fans?