Thursday, July 31, 2008

London is camera crazy...

Everywhere you go in London, you see white video security cameras with “CCTV” on the sides of them. There are thousands and thousands of cameras in the city and surrounding areas. The BBC says the average UK citizen is recorded on camera about 300 times a day!

I decided to research these CCTV cameras and find out the real story and opinions about them. Surprisingly, my initial thought was these cameras had to be positively impacting society, mostly keeping crime down. However, I was surprised to find out the contrary. Check out these two links below for some more interesting information.

Article 1
Article 2

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Economy Going Down The Drain

It's obvious that the economy is not doing well, but here is further proof.

The restaurant chain, Bennigan's has shut its doors, and filed for bankruptcy.

Starbucks has been closing stores left and right, leaving many jobless.

So depressing! What's going to be next to go?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Philly's Finest: Larry Mendte?

In a journalism class I took last semester, I had the opportunity to see Philly's beloved CBS 3 news anchor, Larry Mendte, in person. After "forgetting" to come into my class the first time he was scheduled to visit, disregarding emails that my professor sent asking him to reschedule and some "nasty" emails sent to him by my classmates, he finally showed up. Even though he was two months late and he may not have been wearing socks, I was charmed by him, just like many of his loyal viewers were. He talked to us about how he made his way to the top, how much he loved journalism and how dedicated he was to his profession. So when I saw that he was being charged with a felony, I was shocked.

After being charged with intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization (he snooped through former college Alicia Lane's emails), the media said that Mendte was fully cooperating with the FBI. I thought that was good of him, since it was obvious that he was wrong, and he is such a prominent public figure. In an article I read today by Ronnie Polaneczky, she brought up a good point about Mendte's behavior. Why was he being commended for doing something right (cooperating) after doing something so wrong?

In the past few weeks, Larry Mednte has gone from a beloved news anchor, to a felon, to a guy who is just trying to do what's right. By reading different articles written by different journalists, we can see him as a completely different man. Which one should we pick?

Monday, July 28, 2008

I like to think of myself as a savvy shopper...

Just last week, I headed to my nearby Target (favorite store ever!) to get a new DVD that had just been released. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew exactly where to go to get it.

Since I have been in this Target approximately 7000 times, I confidently strode into the store, headed to the left, up the elevator and directly straight to the...rack of children's books? Where did the DVD's go, I asked myself.

Confused, I looked around to make sure I was seeing correctly. Yep. Vision was fine. DVD's were still nowhere to be found.

"They moved the DVD's!" I exclaimed to my bored boyfriend.

"Yes, Jess, they did, why don't you look around for them," he replied.

I started walking up and down the aisles and around the corners. My favorite store had changed everything on me! I no longer felt at home, in a place where I once knew where everything was.

However, I did find myself quite distracted by...

Ohhh! Look! There's that book I wanted to read.

Hey, that looks like a good CD!

Ooo, new Ipods!

Finally, I found my way to the DVD's, but not a moment too soon, as I almost purchased about five items that I did not need.

What a great sales strategy.

Change things up every once in awhile move things around, so that loyal customers need to do a little searching, and while doing that searching, perhaps finding something that they didn't necessarily set out to buy...

Now, maybe Target really just decided to do a little cleaning, and moved their shelves around, or maybe they just got bored with the layout...but I am willing to bet that sales had something to do with the move.

Taking those two extra minutes out of my life to search for the DVD's almost cost me way more money then I planned on spending!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bloggers or BlogHers?

I stumbled upon this article in the New York Times today... Check it out!

I thought it was interesting to find out, "36 million women participate in the blogosphere each week, and 15 million of them have their own blogs." But of that only a minuscule number are recognized "web celebrities."

Why is it, that even in the world of blogging, women seem to be subservient to men? I'm glad the ladies at BlogHer are doing something about it!

Also, you might want to look at BlogHer's website too.

How NOT to Write a Pitch Letter

I recently read an article in The New York Times which caught my attention.

Joe Nocera, a writer for the business section, demonstrated a pitch letter that he received from an esteemed professional in the Nike Company. The pitch is awful; the tone is overly familiar, and uses slang and terminology better suited to People Magazine.

Even worse, is the part of the pitch which actually says: “Children have become fashion accessories.”

Both Nocera and I disagree with this statement. A good pitch letter can be daring, but it shouldn’t be something that the majority of people will disagree with! It might get you noticed, but not in a good way.

At PRowl Public Relations, we strive to write the best pitch letters possible for the credibility and integrity of the firm, and of our members so that when they go out into the real world they don’t write as poorly as this.

It just might end up in the New York Times and ruin your career.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Kayleigh Nance.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Starr's new "Parc"

Routinely, I come into work, turn on the computer and catch up on my “news” for the day. Today it began with, aka “anything & everything Philly.” The home page- “New Starr shines on the square.” Seeing what looked like chic people seated outdoors and a waterfall in front of them (don’t get too excited, it turns out it was raining), I read on, intrigued.

Turns out restaurateur, Stephen Starr, has done it again. Owner of Starr Restaurant Organization, Stephen Starr’s latest project- Parc.

Parc, located in Rittenhouse Square, opened to a packed house on Monday, July 14, and is referenced as similar to a “Paris bistro.”

Their most effective PR tactic?

“‘Best thing we did was open the doors [during the last two weeks of construction], and people could look in,’ Starr said. ‘You could feel the momentum build.’"

Reading a glowing review, my momentum was building as well.

“From this early point, the formula for instant sensation seems to include: Stephen Starr, whose new restaurants draw diehards like the latest Batman movie; obviously fabulous location; cool new (vintage) concept; moderately priced food; echoes of New York; noise and size. Lots of milling around the spacious bar, low but plentiful deco lighting. Paris, but a user-friendly Paris. Hardly registered on the intimidating scale. Shorts and baseball caps were in evidence. (Philly, way to represent.) On previous nights, Bentleys and Ferraris were dropping off sleek, stylishly dressed dinnerati.” writes: “Parc has become, in a Philadelphia minute, the place.”

I closed my browser and picked up the phone. “Reservations for two please.”

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blown Away by Bloomberg

Yesterday, my class and I went on a tour of Bloomberg. For those of you who don’t know Bloomberg is an information-service, news and media company specializing in business and finances, founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. Most people recognize Bloomberg as a financial news channel on television. But Bloomberg also has radio and web services as well as specialized technology. The company has offices all around the world, with its biggest in New York City.

The tour was really a grand experience. The building’s architect, technology and people were all extremely fascinating. When you walk around the magnificently designed building, the wonders of technology surround you. The London office also has the second largest collection of tropical fish in the United Kingdom! Even the arts are displayed and emphasized in a special gallery, which is open to the public on certain days.

Our tour guides gave us great insight on the company and what Bloomberg’s vision centers upon. Bloomberg has a few philosophies, they include a “transparent theory,” which is apparent by the glass walls throughout the offices. The point is for all employees to have the chance to be involved with other things going on. Also, there is a sort of flat hierarchy, with even levels and an open communication—open plan. As one employee said, she sits just beside her boss, though you might not even know that because employees do not have job titles! The work environment seemed so calm, relaxed and friendly.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the incredible experience I had visiting Bloomberg. I really enjoyed learning about such a progressive company where everyone has such positive attitudes about their work and the company.

Feel free to fish around their website at

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OMFG...Gossip Girl

I'll admit it, I love the show Gossip Girl. It's a guilty pleasure that I gladly indulge in once a week.

Today, posted an article about the show and its choice of advertising.

Beginning in August, print ads will be released that feature characters of the show in compromising and racy positions with a quote from an actual newspaper that previously criticized the show.

How clever.

However, Melissa Henson, the director of communications for Parents Television Council (PTC) does not think this ploy so clever.

This is because a phrase borrowed from the PTC appears on one of Gossip Girl's new ads.

Henson said, "I think it reeks of desperation, if they have to position themselves as so edgy and so controversial that they've been called out by us."

I would have to disagree with Ms. Henson as I think the ads are cunning and eye-catching.

The shows criticism stems from its raciness and inappropriateness for young children and young adults. Since when has bad criticism stopped Americans from indulging in anything though?

I think that this advertising strategy will only help the show in its second season.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Different Kind of Summer Home

Most people know, and can observe for themselves, the problems Philadelphia faces because of homeless people. In an article on this morning, I read about the situation Rittenhouse Square is facing this summer because of the growing number of homeless people that spend their nights in the park. On some nights, there can be up to 60 people sleeping in the park.

Homeless people chose to spend their nights in the park for many reasons. Some like the comfortable neighborhood surrounding the park, some like the peace and quiet, and some like the safety of it.
"It's better than LOVE Park. Over there, they just drink, do drugs," says Juan Gomez, who has been homeless since 1983.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. Is it so different for a person to chose to live in one neighborhood over another because of its safety, than it is for a homeless person to chose one park over another for the same reasons? Even though I too would like to walk through the city and not see people sleeping on benches, or bathing in fountains, it's part of living in the city.

What can be done in a city when all people, homeless or not, want to enjoy a park in their own way?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Late-Night Line Up

As an avid watcher of the Tonight Show, I was disappointed to hear that Conan O'Brien will replace Jay Leno next year. I do enjoy O'Brien's performance, but I am used to the easy shift from Leno at 11:30 to O'Brien at 12:30.

Jimmy Fallon is now set to take over Conan O'Brien's slot on Late Night. I am still extremely iffy on this choice, but was glad to hear that Fallon will be getting plenty of practice before going live.

Lorne Michaels, the shows executive producer has announced that Fallon will be taping a daily 10-15 minute performances that will air online. Michaels also adds that the clips will be posted at 12:30, so that people will start to associate that time with Fallon.

This is so interesting to me that we are in an age where producers are willing to try something out on the Internet FIRST, to see viewers reaction, before putting it on air.

What do you think? Will you watch the show?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tweet Tweet

All I have been hearing about lately is Twitter, a so-called wonder tool for PR and Marketing companies worldwide. Twitter is a microblogging tool that uses 140 characters or less with each post. I’ve been wondering exactly what twitter is and how it can be used, so I signed up for it and did a little research. It seems all of the top PR professionals are using it, including those from companies such as Dell and Southwest Airlines. Here are some ways PR companies can or do use twitter:

  • Monitoring: TweetVolume is a search application for Twitter that can be used to see how often a name (person, brand, etc) is mentioned on Twitter. This would be useful to see how much your client is being discussed. A complete list of twitter apps can be found here.
  • Announcing specials, deals or sales: If you are a retail company or anyone who often has special offers, you can use Twitter to announce these specials instantly to a large audience
  • Creating awareness: Twitter can be used to alert people about events that a client will be making an appearance at (this is especially useful for celebrities or politicians who often change their plans last minute)
  • Back-up communication: If your organization’s internal system breaks down, Twitter could be used as a back up. Messages such as ‘meeting at 2pm’ could be sent and as long as the message isn’t confidential, this could be a handy tool

I’m sure there are many more uses for twitter, I’m just not 100% sold on its uses for individuals. Most PR students I know have not heard of twitter. If twitter is such a new and upcoming tool, why are the early adopters not using it yet? Time will tell on this one.

For those individuals out there using Twitter, what do you see as its benefits?

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Kayleigh Nance.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coverage on Media Bullseye

PRowl Public Relations has been featured on Media Bullseye! Click here to check it out.

The Importance of Pitching

The Pitch. It's crucial to PR people. However, with the advent of email and social media, the telephone pitch has been deemphasized. However, it is still extremely important.

I came across this blog post written by the people at Pierce Mattie Public Relations and found the tips listed very helpful.

As a member of PRowl Public Relations, I have pitched to reporters via telephone, and found it awkward and nerve wracking, but with practice, it gradually comes easier.

One tip I particularly enjoyed from the post is:

"SMILE – They can hear it over the phone. It actually conveys enthusiasm and confidence"

How very true. You can hear a smile over the phone, and I would be much happier to talk to an enthusiastic person than a unenthusiastic one.

The tips listed are simple and doable. I hope that all young PR students will check out this link because you can only become better at pitching because of it.

For those PR veterans, what's missing from this list? Any other tips for us young PR students?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


PRowl Public Relations has just joined the ranks and created a Twitter site.

If you have a Twitter, be sure to begin following us: PRowlPR

Greetings from London!

Hey there!

So I have been in London for almost two weeks now, and it definitely isn’t Philadelphia!

But anyways... In Philadelphia commuters and residents are very familiar with the free paper “Metro,” but in London there are two distinctive papers which people read. They are the “London Lite” and “The London Paper.” Uniquely, they are both free evening papers distributed by merchandisers between the hours of about 4:00-7:00 PM. So when you go up the stairs or exit from the “tube” station, as the locals call it, you’re more than likely handed either or both publications. However, these papers are interesting in that the styles of writing are bold and more blunt than the normal papers in the states. They are tabloid style, covering major stories, but also updating readers on the weather, celebrity gossip and spottings, things to do and much more.

Feel free to check out either website, though, they aren’t as entertaining as the actual publications. But just to give you an idea here they are:

The London Lite
The London Paper

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July Feature Story

As posted earlier in the month, one of PRowl Public Relations' clients for the summer is the Philadelphia Sports Training Center. Every month, we write a feature story for their website about their seven-on-seven Passing Football League. Check out the July feature story here:

Be sure to check back in August to see that month's feature, too!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Knew Chase Utley Could Do Something Wrong?

Most everyone in Philadelphia has heard about Chase Utley, the second baseman for the Phillies. When Chase is in the news, it's usually for hitting homers, and making great defensive plays. It's hard to believe that he can do anything wrong, on or off the field.

Last night, Utley made a mistake off the field, on network television, in front of millions of viewers. While being introduced before the Home Run Derby, Utley was being booed by some New York fans. In response to the fans, Utley uttered a swear that was not bleeped out by ESPN.

I thought this would be great to write about, since we recently had a post about crisis management and the Phillies. Reilly gave us the tip that, in a crisis, always tell the truth and don't deny anything. Naturally, after this incident, Utley made a public apology.

"I do want to apologize," Utley said. "It was definitely a poor choice of words. I didn't mean anything by it. I was kind just joking around with a buddy over there. ... I do want to make it clear that I'm sorry for saying it."

Even though this wasn't a huge crisis, Chase Utley represents the Phillies, and he is a role model to baseball fans everywhere. This situation can remind everyone to watch what they say while in public. Even if you think a word or phrase won't get aired, something can always go wrong!

*Quote from Matthw Leach,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is This Appropriate?

This image is featured on the cover of this week's issue of The New Yorker.

After the initial shock of the image, I have to ask myself, is this appropriate? Have elections become so dirty that we are resorting to stereotyping and making false assumptions? Well the answer to that question is simple and clear: Yes, we have stooped this low.

Barack Obama is depicted as a Muslim fist bumping his wife Michelle Obama is depicted carrying a gun wearing camouflage. An American flag is burning in the background

Yes, I understand this is meant to be satirical but I don't really find it funny in any way.

If anything, I find it extremely offensive because people who don't care for politics and are uneducated about the upcoming election will view this image and say, "Oh, I am definitely not voting for Obama."

From a PR standpoint, a picture's worth a thousand words, and this image is doing its job. It has created a buzz and discussion, but also has added to an already damaged reputation.

What do you think about this image? Do you buy into the 'satirical' explanation, or do you find it offensive? I would really appreciate responses because I am shocked that this cover even made it to the newsstands.

Click here to read an article about the image and its meaning.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Strait Jackets and Clinics…a Typical Day in Tinseltown

We all know celebrities always have interesting dramas that are spread all over the tabloids. Who is dating who? Which celebrity couple is going through a divorce? But recently new headlines have surfaced—mental illnesses.

Numerous celebrities share their struggle to overcome mental illness. For example actress Kirsten Dunst admitted she checked herself into a rehabilitation facility for clinical depression.

Jackass’s Steve-O blogged about being bipolar.

Comedic actor Owen Wilson admitted attempting to commit suicide, and of course the cautionary tale for all celebrities—Britney Spears, who had an endless parade of public meltdowns.

The American public feels closer to these public figures once they admit they have a mental illness. The mental illness displays a sign of normalcy which is what the American public seeks in their celebrity icons.

I personally believe the recent influx of mental illness in Hollywood is simply an excuse explaining their out of control behavior. It reminds me of the American legal system. You do something bad, blame it on a mental illness, and you get a slap on the wrist. It’s the same with celebrities. Celebrities (with the aid of their publicists) constantly think of excuses to explain their erratic behavior.

The times have surely changed. Thirty years ago celebrities were advised not to disclose their personal problems and to maintain an image of perfection. But in the 21st century the public embraces celebs who remind them of themselves and no longer seek “perfect celebrities”. We accept them for who they are—strait jackets and all.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Ashlee Chisolm.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Public Relations Firm: Stud Or Dud?

Imagine being a small company looking for some good public relations to ease you into the market. You do your research and find that there are a few firms willing to help. But how can you be positive that your PR firm is a stud and not a dud?

First, understand that PR won’t raise your quota, sales will. The job of a public relations firm is to get you noticed and to better understand your target audience in the hopes that sales will increase! When you sign a contract with a firm, be sure that they have had experience in your industry before. An under-experienced PR team might not have an industry-specific strategy for your company.

Second, make sure your PR firm has a strategy and a timeline. If your PR team hasn’t done anything to benefit your company within the first six months after hiring, they are most likely struggling to think of ways to promote your brand. Find a firm that has had prior success within the first couple of months with previous clients.

Third, and most importantly, keeping in close contact with the account executive and team members is important. If there is no communication between parties, it is difficult to accomplish objectives that you want to accomplish.

Lastly, make sure your PR team is dedicated. Prowl Public Relations is dedicated to our clients. We strategize based on our client’s objectives and goals. Our firm creates and meets timeline goals and keeps in close contact with every client to get the job done right.

For more information about picking a PR firm, check out this article.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Rachael Robinson.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Second Life?

An interesting article in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer caught my eye. It described the website Second Life, and the business opportunities that come from it.

I've done some research on Second Life, and in a spate of boredom downloaded the program, but I can't seem to understand the concept, or strategy involved.

I am wondering if any blogger or reader out there could possibly explain to me the purpose of Second Life.

If you are a Second Life user, I would love to hear why you use the site, and the benefits you belive it has.

Rebecca Davis Dance Company - Client Update

Even though our work on the production of Darfur is done, we are still keeping busy with RDDC. Currently, we are working on writing a press release to send to Philadelphia media about a trip that Rebecca took to Rwanda this summer. She was one of 16 Americans chosen by Global Youth Connect to be part of the 2008 delegation to Rwanda.

Through our previous work with RDDC, we learned that Rebecca not only has a passion for dance, but a passion for human rights.

This summer, she has been working with two Rwandan dancers named Munyarukumbuzi Emmanuel (Manou) and Theogene Niwenshuti (Totto). Together they have been creating a dance work that embodies the themes of conflict resolution and reconstruction in the post-genocidal period.

Upon Davis’s return, she will begin working on a follow up dance, which will be called 1994 in Philadelphia. This piece will tell the stories of the 1994 genocide survivors in Rwanda, but will be performed by 10 American teenagers.

Rebecca will be back in the United States on July 14, and everyone is excited to hear about her trip! PRowl Public Relations is especially excited to keep working with this young and ambitious professional.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Damage Control

It's that time of year again: the Major League Baseball All-Star Break! Being an avid baseball fan, I found this to be a perfect blog topic. Philadelphia's second baseman Chase Utley and pitcher Brad Lidge both made starting spots in the National League's All-Star team. Congratulations, guys (and good luck Pat Burrell for the Final Vote)!

Today is about damage control, or crisis management. All sports teams go through it, including the wonderful Philadelphia Phillies. Both Chase Utley and Brett Myers have had some issues lately, but they have been handling it pretty well.

-Chase Utley was at zero hits in 20 at-bats a few weeks ago. Of course the Philadelphia media were all over that one. However, Utley didn't hide or deny it. He replied to the media: "That's why baseball can be frustrating. It is a game of failure and you have to deal with that failure." He knew he was in a slump and went on to fix it - which is why he is an NL All-Star.

-Brett Myers hasn't been doing too hot lately either. As a pitcher, Myers had a 3-9 record with a 5.84 ERA (earned run average) and lead the Majors with 24 home runs allowed. And, about a week ago he got sent down to the Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Myers isn't denying his slump either. Being sent back to the minors isn't the best feeling for a Major League pitcher, but he knows that he needs to improve. "If I'm not pitching good, I'm not going," is what Myers had to say about making his way back up to the Majors.

Anyone, anywhere has to do damage control eventually during their lives, and if you're a professional athlete, having the media in your face doesn't help much either. Remember, if you do have to manage a crisis, to always tell the truth. Don't deny or hide from the situation. That will only make it worse. Be organized and take a deep breath. Everything will get better eventually.

**Quotes courtesy of

Monday, July 7, 2008

This Weekend's Economic Round-Up

We all know the economy is not too hot right now.

Many Americans are learning to face the reality that they just might have to pay $100 for a tank of gas.

Click here to read an article about locals filling shore jobs this summer to make extra cash, instead of the usual foreigners.

In better news, two economists don't think the economy is totally down the toilet...yet. Click here to read what they do think.

I hope this post didn't put a damper on your day...Remember to smile, we aren't in a depression, even though it might feel that way sometimes!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Great Summer Read...or Anytime for That Matter

If you read one book this month, make it Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office 101 by Lois. P. Frankel. This book includes great tips to get ahead in your career, by pointing out everything that women do in the office that stops them from getting ahead. My previous manager recommended it to me and I immediately ordered it. It’s probably one of the best books I have ever read. Here are a few of the classic mistakes women make that I found I do.

  • Working without a break
  • Failing to capitalize on relationships
  • Polling before making a decision
  • Not asking questions for fear of sounding stupid.

Coaching tips are given to help women overcome these behaviors.

I was never mentored when I entered the business world, but this book was the next best thing. It helped me understand how to improve my learning experience while gaining respect.

This book is guaranteed to be a go-to guide for the rest of your career. You can never stop improving!

Click here to read an excerpt.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations firm staff member, Kayleigh Nance.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

The members of PRowl Public Relations would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Safe are the City Streets?

Since I'm not in Philadelphia for the summer, I try to read as much as I can, to try to stay connected to the city.

Today I came across an article titled, "Hell on Wheels," and immediately started reading. The article says that Allstate has named Philadelphia the city with the most reckless drivers in the whole nation. This information surprised me, because I thought that New York would have the worst drivers! But no, my city came out on top.

Even though this information was surprising, what came next in the article was even more interesting. Next was a part called "Broad Street distractions", and the person interviewed was a Temple Professor named Frank Farley. These are some of his quotes:

"People are in the middle of the street selling your wonderful newspaper to drivers who stop their cars and get their money out, regardless of the traffic coming up behind them."

"Other people are flogging flowers and, around Temple, pies and bottled water," he said. "I've seen drivers get very distracted when they suddenly decide they need to get some flowers without letting the drivers behind them know."

Even though the information he gave was truthful, Farley was being interviewd via cell phone, as he was DRIVING down Broad Street!

Isn't cell phone use one of the biggest driving distractions/contributors to collisions there is?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear Abby

Yesterday I was reading through Philadelphia Daily News and came to the "Dear Abby" section. The headline was: "Here's some advice for grads looking for a job." I figured it would be an interesting read. Not only was it interesting, it was very helpful too. The "Dear Abby" was from a 26-year-old small-business owner in New Jersey giving some suggestions for young people who are applying for jobs:

1. Every contact with a prospective employer is a mini-interview. Present yourself appropriately. I have received many inappropriate e-mails. Example: "Hey, when would this gig start?" Please remember to use a salutation and communicate politely and clearly.

2. Many companies post a great deal of information about job openings on their Web sites. Read the site carefully before calling so I won't waste time answering questions you could have answered on your own.

3. Shortcuts may be cute when text-messaging your friends, but in business they are annoying and unprofessional. Avoid messages such as "Thnx 4 ur help. Talk 2 u later!"

4. Because I must read your resume and application, please proofread it for spelling, grammar and typos.

5. Many Internet sites now offer free e-mail. Set up an account using your name or initial so I don't have to e-mail "hotchick99" with an offer to teach young children.

6. If you have a phone interview, please find a quiet place from which to place the call. It is difficult to understand you above your roommate who is cursing over a video game.

7. Never, ever tell a prospective employer that you are waiting to hear about a job you want more, that pays more or gives you more "fun" time. Simply say you are "exploring all your options," and I will understand.