Friday, July 25, 2008

Starr's new "Parc"

Routinely, I come into work, turn on the computer and catch up on my “news” for the day. Today it began with, aka “anything & everything Philly.” The home page- “New Starr shines on the square.” Seeing what looked like chic people seated outdoors and a waterfall in front of them (don’t get too excited, it turns out it was raining), I read on, intrigued.

Turns out restaurateur, Stephen Starr, has done it again. Owner of Starr Restaurant Organization, Stephen Starr’s latest project- Parc.

Parc, located in Rittenhouse Square, opened to a packed house on Monday, July 14, and is referenced as similar to a “Paris bistro.”

Their most effective PR tactic?

“‘Best thing we did was open the doors [during the last two weeks of construction], and people could look in,’ Starr said. ‘You could feel the momentum build.’"

Reading a glowing review, my momentum was building as well.

“From this early point, the formula for instant sensation seems to include: Stephen Starr, whose new restaurants draw diehards like the latest Batman movie; obviously fabulous location; cool new (vintage) concept; moderately priced food; echoes of New York; noise and size. Lots of milling around the spacious bar, low but plentiful deco lighting. Paris, but a user-friendly Paris. Hardly registered on the intimidating scale. Shorts and baseball caps were in evidence. (Philly, way to represent.) On previous nights, Bentleys and Ferraris were dropping off sleek, stylishly dressed dinnerati.” writes: “Parc has become, in a Philadelphia minute, the place.”

I closed my browser and picked up the phone. “Reservations for two please.”

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