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PRowl Firm 2014

2014 Executive Board 

2014 Account Executives (Amanda White, Lauren Bentley, Alissa Steele, Ruth Barkai, Rachel Draghi, Emily Charles)

Firm Directors-Past (Kaitlyn Sutton) and Present (Amber Burns)

Assistant Firm Directors- Past (London Faust, Amber Burns) and Present (Jordan Washington, Alyssa Guckin, Jaime Martorana)

Director of Public Relations- Past (Jordan Washington) and Present (Kaylie Corallo)

Director of Finances- Past (Kadesha Holder) and Present (Faiz Mandviwalla)

Secretary- Past (Brianna Prime) and Present (Maggie Wurst)

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Ashok Kumar Sharma, D.Phil said...

Very impressive, very productive, very-very inspiring and magnetic team work.
If you ever need any support ever in the Asian sub continent, I shall be glad to help.
I am a senior class-I full time government PR strategist in India, at the biggest State of the country, Uttar Pradesh. (The land of Taj, Varanasi, Ganes, Yamuna, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha..)
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