Temple University Television (TUTV) Case Study

PRowl Public Relations served as the promotional consultant for Temple University’s television station, TUTV, from January 3 to March 18, 2011. PRowl Public Relations’ main goal was to increase awareness of the website launch in the Temple community through relationship building, media outreach and on-campus promotion.

PRowl Public Relations had several target audiences throughout the contract period, including students currently enrolled at Temple University, university-related media outlets, regional media outlets and potential students. PRowl Public Relations’ campaign strategy for TempleTV.net was to position TempleTV.net as the site of choice for learning about Temple University's global community.  Visitors to the site can learn about Temple's activities including student achievement, new university initiatives, faculty and student research, progress in the neighborhood, athletics, entertainment and Temple University around the world.

PRowl’s campaign strategy was accomplished by performing various tactics. PRowl Public Relations compiled a detailed list of registered student organizations at Temple University, including contact information for more than 3,500 student leaders and faculty advisors, and links to social media profiles for each organization. This student organization database was used to disseminate information about the website’s launch and invite student organizations to film a message to be featured on TempleTV.net.  

PRowl Public Relations invited Temple’s diverse body of approximately 320 student organizations to participate in a TempleTV.net filming. Organizations were invited to promote their group through a short message or creative act on camera.  The purpose of the filming was to gather footage that could be used as unique content on TempleTV.net, welcoming visitors while driving traffic to the site and encouraging further student exploration of the site’s features. 

In the days leading up to the TempleTV.net launch, PRowl Public Relations contacted the Office of Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, and the University Honors Program with information about the upcoming website launch. 

During the contract period, PRowl Public Relations conducted outreach to 62 Temple-related media contacts, including Temple student blogs, Temple official blogs, Temple print media outlets and Temple’s WHIP radio station.  PRowl Public Relations compiled a list of an additional 69 regional media contacts at Philadelphia and South Jersey print publications, Philadelphia blogs and Philadelphia radio and TV stations.  

PRowl Public Relations utilized its existing list of Philadelphia-area high school guidance counselors and area community college advisers to help them better inform students about where to seek information regarding Temple University programming and student opportunities if interested.
On the day of the TempleTV.net launch, PRowl Public Relations used the aforementioned student organization database to reach out to Temple’s 320 student organizations. PRowl Public Relations designed full-page and quarter-page fliers announcing the TempleTV.net website launch and created a fact sheet about TempleTV.net for distribution on launch day. 

The outcomes of the contracted account resulted in a number of successes. Fifty-seven student organizations participated in the TempleTV.net filming and received enough footage to achieve their goal of featuring 15 student organization videos on launch day, plus 42 additional videos to upload later in phases. PRowl Public Relations secured placement for the TempleTV.net launch in the School of Communications and Theater News and Events blog and in the Temple University Alumni Association’s blog. TempleTV.net received 1,830 hits on launch day.