Thursday, March 27, 2008

Take advantage of the resources around you!

Every university, school or college has resources readily available for students to take advantage of.

At Temple University, students have access to countless useful and convenient tools, which can be very beneficial. Although the following are services offered at Temple University, if you attend another institution, other schools are likely to provide similar assistance. So find out and don’t be afraid ask for help!

Here are just a few of the resources at Temple University:

University Libraries:
As a student you have free access to Internet databases that would normally cost money to join otherwise. Through these databases you can find electronic books, full-texts, articles, journals, movies, reviews and more. The online card catalog also allows students to reserve, request, or renew books online as well. Another nifty feature is being able to ask a librarian a question online through instant messaging.

Writing Center:
The Writing Center is open to all University students, undergraduate or graduate, who seeks advice or help from tutors concerning papers, resumes, cover letters or other documents. The tutors work collaboratively with you to strengthen your writing. But be sure to plan in advance and make an appointment to ensure adequate time, try not to wait until the last minute! The Writing Center is located at Tuttleman Learning Center in Room 201 or you can call (215) 204-0702 for more information.

Computer Services/Technical Support:
The Help Desk at the Tech Center offers 24-hour technical support for Temple students. If you need assistance with computer-related issues or problems, (virus, spy-ware, regular maintenance and more) professionals try to help with all your needs. Services are available for walk-ins, call-ins, e-mail or online chat. Visit or call 215-204-8000 for more information.

Other resources include Alumni Affairs, Math and Sciences Resource Center, Student Health Services, Tuttleman Counseling Services and more.

Remember, sometimes we overlook the convenience that is offered and made readily available for us. So don’t forget to take advantage of the many resources at your school!

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