Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Importance of a Follow-Up

Here's the situation: you had an interview, you thought it went really well, they were impressed and seemed to like you a lot, but it's been a month and you haven't heard anything since. Now what do you do?

The day after your interview you should have already sent a thank-you letter. This keeps you fresh in their minds the day after, and if they have other people to interview that day, they won't be putting you in the back of their minds.

Next you need to follow-up. This still keeps you fresh in their minds, AND it lets your interviewer know that you are serious about the position you had interviewed for.

If you are calling and they don't pick up, leave a message. If they don't return your phone call, try again but DO NOT leave another message!

If they are a company that would rather use e-mail, keep in touch through that. Just let them know that you're just circling back with them.

It really all depends on the atmosphere of the company you interviewed with. If they were very corporate and serious, then you word you self in a corporate and serious way. It they were casual, you can keep it casual, but make sure you still sound as professional as possible.

Remember: you want to make a relationship with them, but don't be an annoyance!

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