Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Client Feature Story

The Philadelphia Sports Training Center (PSTC) is one of PRowl's new summer clients. PSTC is a local family owned business in North Philadelphia that prides itself in being the first and only academic and athletic training center in the nation. The training center focuses on elementary through college-age students, giving both academic and athletic support to student-athletes. The main goals of PSTC are: "to have all student-athletes attend a college or university, participate in intercollegiate athletics, earn a scholarship in their respective sport and learn teamwork, dedication, time management and responsibility."

PSTC hosts a seven-on-seven Passing Football League (PFL) on Saturdays during the summer months and allows student-athletes to perfect their football skills without the risk of injury to ensure they remain eligible for recruitment.

PRowl PR will be writing three monthly feature stories during the summer months for PSTC. They will be about PSTC's events and programs. Our first feature story, "Big Men on Campus," was added to PSTC's website yesterday. Check us out here.
Be sure to check back at the beginning of July and August for the next stories!

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