Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Time... Bad News for Philly

News on the national level has been priority lately, with the presidential election and what not, rightfully so. But we can’t ignore the issues just down the street, in our city of Philadelphia. The celebration of the Phillies may very well just be winding down, while celebrations of the country’s new president only begin. Yet, Mayor Michael Nutter is busy tending to serious issues that can’t be put off any longer. In a ten minute televised announcement on 6ABC this afternoon, Mayor Nutter addressed the city’s not so secret budget problems. After all, the city had to ask sponsors to foot the Phillies’ parade bill. The city and Mayor Nutter have little options in trying to close the $1 billion gap in the city’s five year budget. But it isn’t just Philadelphia hurting, job cuts and layoffs are becoming trends in other major cities as well. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his fair share of bad news in New York City yesterday, as well.

Check out the article highlighting the issues further.

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