Friday, July 15, 2011

Going the Extra Mile

As a young and upcoming professional, I am always seeking advice from fellow students, colleagues and professionals about how to be successful in everything that I do. However, after reflecting upon my own experiences and successes, I thought it would only be fair to share my own personal piece of advice that has really allowed me to flourish and grow within my internships, within the classroom and even within the PRowl PR Firm. It may sound obvious, but its valuable regardless of how many times and how many ways you say it:
When they ask for an inch, give them a mile.

Whether it is the classroom, at your job or at your internship, your supervisors are always paying attention to those individuals who go beyond the "call of duty" and take the extra initiative to distinguish themselves from their peers. There are various ways you can demonstrate your value to your superiors, however here are three basic tips:

1. Always be the first to volunteer.
Whether you are volunteering to help fellow colleagues who need assistance or volunteering to tackle a difficult assignment or project, this shows to your supervisors that you are a team player and that you not afraid of challenges. This is a great way to establish yourself as the "go-to" person when problems or questions arise.

2. Always look for ways to improve.
There is always room for improvement, so make sure that you are developing and sharing innovative ideas and suggestions with your colleagues and superiors. This shows that you are attentive to the needs and concerns of your group and that you have the ability to develop the solution.

3. Always be enthusiastic.
I know it sounds obvious, but that's because it is. When you are passionate about the work that you are doing and show constant dedication to the group or organization, it always gets noticed. Show that you are dedicated to the success of the organization and a valuable asset to the team through volunteering your efforts and striving for improvement. So, even if the task-at-hand isn't ideal, do it well and have fun doing it.

What tips do you have for taking initiative? Let us know!

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