Sunday, August 19, 2012

How May We Not Serve You Today?

Why would you make a product audience members weren’t interested in? You wouldn’t, right? Social media has opened doors to help producers invent products that will make consumers interested in buying their product. Consumers are the most honest people out there; they are not looking to by a product that does not interest them. So, why does it appear corporation’s interest in what consumer opinions are has depleted? 

Social media has boomed over the past couple of years, and with this boom comes advancements for those creating new products. Target audiences respond to products advertised via social media, and their responses can prove to be quite valuable. They are the ones who will potentially purchase the product so tailoring it to what interests them should come easy, but it doesn’t. But even though companies offer response to their products, their perspectives are not always taken into account. 

In a recent study, results indicated requests left by consumers go unnoticed by companies. Roughly 70% of questions and comments posted on social media outlets go unanswered. Companies have even closed access to writing on their Facebook wall. This closes a company’s obligation to acknowledging their audience’s suggestions. Though companies removed access to leaving comments on their wall, companies still know consumer involvement in products will increase sales of the product. 

Companies appear to all have the same end goal- to make the most money. But, how do they expect to make money of their audience fails to recognize their product? If they want to make the most money, they need respect the comments given by customers. Social media allows them to know what the opinions of the public are. Corporations have to allow for comments to be made and value what their target market’s reactions are. 

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Alison Curran.

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