Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seniors, are you thinking about your job search?

Graduation is two months away for seniors at Temple University. The pressure is on for securing a job and entering the real world. Some students may have been searching for job opportunities since junior year, while some will begin searching the day before they walk. There are a number of articles online offering tips for the grads-to-be, but I have found that the best advice is from those who have recently been in the position. recently posted an informative article on job advice from recent graduates. The article offers pointers specifically on what the recent grads wish they did before they left school.

As PR students we all know the importance of networking. You can never have too many contacts in this field, especially when searching for an "in" at a company. Most jobs aren't posted online but are passed around through word of mouth. If you make it a point to get the word out that you are searching for work hopefully your contacts can help out. This is an easy way to get your foot in the door. Create a LinkedIn account, go to your Career Center’s events and make a list of contacts in an excel sheet.

Start Early
We want to enjoy the last semesters at school, but neglecting the future becomes detrimental. For those entering their senior year in the fall, take note of this advice; have fun senior year but keep your job hunt in mind. Forbes magazine suggests beginning your search early junior year. However I've found that in PR, most companies want you to start working immediately. Make note of where you want to apply as soon as you can, and focus your efforts on those places. Also, take advantage of your school breaks and summer time to sharpen up your résumé and take advantage of LinkedIn.

Stay Organized
Use excel sheets and word documents to make notes. is a good source for job descriptions, salaries, and qualifications. Before you graduate, make it a point to Visit your school Career Center for counseling, resume and cover letter review, and interview practice, and tips on what to expect post-grad.

Good luck to all the grads-to-be and get ready to take on the real world!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Katherine Carpenter.

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