Monday, August 3, 2009

Jon Gosselin + Ed Hardy?

I was reading up on my celebrity gossip in the break room at work yesterday.

Although this "news" is a few weeks old by now, I read an article in a copy of UsWeekly that speculated about the breakup of Jon and Kate Gosselin, recently divorced parents of eight who star in TLC's reality series, "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." In the article, the magazine examined Jon Gosselin's relationship with a rumored party girl who is ten years his junior.

The article explained that the two recently went on an all-expenses-paid vacation to St. Tropez, which was apparently funded by a designer for Ed Hardy. Apparently, this designer had seen Jon Gosselin wearing Ed Hardy clothing in the media and wanted to discuss the possibility of collaborating with Gosselin on a clothing line. Aside from the lavish vacation to which the designer treated Jon and his young girlfriend, he also is said to have given the pair a lot of free Ed Hardy clothes.

I got to thinking, and I could see a deal between Jon Gosselin and Ed Hardy designs going either way. Here is a respected family man turned jet-setter and party boy. Although Jon Gosselin is certainly getting a lot of publicity lately, the coverage surrounding his actions is mixed and often negative. Would the publicity surrounding Gosselin and his unusually large family make for a successful clothing line? Or does his shaky image represent a recipe for disaster? Would the company be wiser to sign Gosselin as soon as possible, or run like heck in the opposite direction?

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