Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Classes and New Ideas!

Today I started all of my new senior-year classes. I have two classes within my major, and three electives. One of my electives, which I'm really excited for, is an Intro to Marketing class through our advertising department here at Temple. The class was developed less than a year ago to give students who aren't business majors a chance to tackle a marketing class. When I saw this class I immediately signed up. Even though I'm a public relations major, I've already taken an advertising class and I decided it would be good for me to learn the basics of marketing!

My professor, Dana Saewitz, is a really energetic professional with loads of experience. Today we went over brand loyalties, the differences between marketing and advertising, and some of the ways marketing influences our lives. We even looked at a survey done concerning marketing salaries in major cities, and Philadelphia didn't look too bad!

Taking classes like this reminds me how much public relations relates to other professions, and how beneficial it is to us as students to become familiar with those other professions. Does anyone else have interesting classes this semester? Let us know!

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