Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Week's Twitter Top 10

While reading this week I found an interesting article, a list of the Top 10 Twitter topics for this week. I found it especially interesting that BP was not on this list. After this week's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and BP's role, I am surprised they didn't make the list, and so is article author Simon Dumenco.

So if BP didn't make the list, who did? This week's Top 10 topics are as follows:

1) Justin Bieber
2) GE2010
3) NBA
4) Star Wars
5) Jonas Brothers
6) Boxing
7) Mother's Day
8) Miley Cyrus
9) Chris Brown
10) Super Junior

Falling short of making the list was Apple, Iron Man 2, Groupon and Continental Airlines. To check out this weeks stats, go to How many of you tweeted this week about any of the Top 10 topics?

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