Thursday, May 20, 2010

TMI Facebook Casualty

As I am sure most of you have a Facebook account, I am almost as positive that a great deal of you are “friends” with co-workers and/or customers at your workplace. Not to say that maintaining a relationship with these people outside the job is a bad thing, but you need to take into consideration what is being said in your daily statuses and friendly comments made to one another. My “friends” list consists of close friends, co-workers and mere acquaintances, which could ultimately be the death of my career if I post something distasteful.

After reading a blog post from SF Weekly reported by, I became more aware of what is being said on Facebook. The blog post was about a 22-year-old waitress named Ashley Johnson. She received a $5 tip from a couple that sat in the restaurant for three hours. Ticked off by the lack of appreciation she received, she went on Facebook to post the following status:

Thanks for eating at Brixx, you cheap piece of s*** camper.

Although her “friends” list contained only co-workers and friends, someone contacted her business and she was fired two days later for “casting the restaurant in a negative light on a social network.”

So, what’s the Facebook lesson of the day? It doesn’t matter if only friends can see your site. Keep your thoughts about work to yourself or you might end up without a job to talk about at all.

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