Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salty and Sweet: Mars, Inc. Introduces New Member to M&M Characters

Thanks to 9 Inch Marketing for their contribution, I decided that my last blog wasn’t as up-to-date as it could have been for the M&M® brand. Being a lover of all things chocolate and the world of event planning, I figure one other blog couldn’t hurt.

Mars, Inc., 9 Inch Marketing and Synergy Events collaborated again to unveil the new filling of M&Ms: pretzels. They created a giant M&M stage that was 24 feet tall and 22 feet wide. According to Craig Rice, the Vice President of Synergy Events, the stage took around three months to construct. To help celebrate the new candy, Mars invited the top ten of this season’s American Idol to perform on the stage. You can read more about the event in this article by the Wall Street Journal.

When planning an event for any company, whether it is your local marketplace or Mars, Inc., you need to think outside of the box. You need to think of a creative PR stunt that will get your client noticed and ahead of the market, for good reasons. As they did when the Statue of Liberty M&M was displayed, Americans will talk about this giant orange candy in Herald Square for months to come and will know what an orange M&M will taste like.


Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth-

I'm a Temple alum working at Synergy Events, so thanks for your post about the M&M's event at Herald Square. It was a blast and one that was very well received by consumers and the brand.


Elizabeth Offner said...

Hi Keith,

We met at Drexel's Bizarre PR event back in April, I believe. The presentation and information you provided the group inspired my last blog post, so thank you for the help!