Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teaching Through Social Media

I came across an amazing article through about a recent movement made by a Buffalo hospital to teach children about the fight against cancer. Roswell Park Cancer Institute wants youths to know about the cause by connecting to them on a more personal level. Through the use of Facebook, YouTube and a basic website, the hospital is able to reach out to children and inform them of the cause in a comprehensible and convenient way. They have the information at their fingertips.

Those who know about the campaign have been posting messages on the Web site with questions and comments about the feedback from children. The YouTube video, “How Big is Your Heart,” features dancers as well as real patients singing and dancing, reaching thousands of views in such a short amount of time. The Facebook page has also been a hit, acquiring well over 1,500 fans.

This just goes to show that social media can be used in powerful ways: to help educate children of such a heavy topic like cancer and connect them to it in a comfortable way. Other movements like this one can use social media to help continue the spread of a great cause to the younger generation and truly make a difference.

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