Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Buzz Surrounding Buzz Words

Buzz words- the silent killers of the press release.

Throughout my PR writing classes at Temple as well as throughout my experience with PRowl, I have been advised by everyone I know to avoid these words that instantaneously kill a press release. We have all become so acquainted with words and phrases such as "award-winning," "state-of-the-art," "premier" and "innovative" that they have lost all meaning and only serve to fill up space.

To drive the point home, Adam Sherk and Mark McClennan have compiled a myriad of lists and tools to point out the terms that are today's biggest offenders.

Sherk's list consists of the 100 most over-used terms from archived press releases on PRWeb; the top five terms being 'leader' with 161,000 mentions, 'leading' with 44,900 mentions, 'best' with 43,000 mentions, 'top' with 32,500 mentions and lastly, the too-familiar 'unique' with 30,400 mentions.

To better display the shameful overuse of such terms, McClennan has compiled a Buzz Word Bingo sheet. Click here to check it out and "play." Hopefully- this will be one game that you do not win!

What buzz words annoy you the most? What buzz words are you most guilty of using?

Let us know!

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