Friday, May 20, 2011

NBC'S Time-Honored Page Program

Looking for a break into the media industry? There are many ways, some more successful than others, although none of them compare to the prestigious NBCUniversal Page Program.

Established in 1933, the program gives young men and women more than just their first taste of the entertainment biz –- it gives them a chance to gain incredible access and unique experiences early on in their career.

The list of those who have worn “the uniform” is long and storied, including Dave Garroway, Regis Philbin, Ted Koppel, Michael Eisner, Kate Jackson, Sara Haines, Aubrey Plaza, and even our favorite fictional Page, Kenneth Ellen Parcell. But the common thread weaving through both the famous and the humble is a drive to learn and grow that leads them to success during, and after, the tour route.

After being contacted by Julia Nietch, former Temple PRSSA President who currently works in Corporate Communications at NBC Universal, I wanted to share the information with the bright and talented members of the Temple Communications community in addition to the surrounding universities and colleges. Look no further for your big break in the media biz, because the NBC Page Program offers you the necessary experience and guidance to thrive and grow in order to be successful.

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