Monday, September 5, 2011

Cleansing Your E-mail

Just like your closet, sometimes your e-mail inbox becomes cluttered and disorganized. Similarly, part of keeping your inbox pristine is maintenance. Below are some tips on how to purge your inbox and keeping it organized in the long run:
  • Unsubscribe is a beautiful word-It seems so easy when you go shopping to just give away your e-mail address for coupons. However, you sacrifice a harmonious inbox. Soon your inbox become flooded with dozens of e-mails from every retailer you've ever set foot into. Just click the unsubscribe button and your inbox will thank you.
  • Set up a FAQ page- So you keep getting e-mails from clients asking the same exact questions. Setting up a simple FAQ page will save you time and alleviate your inbox from repetitive e-mails.
  • It's OK to leave people out- But only when its not necessary to include others. Hitting "reply all" and CCing everyone opens the floodgates and allows everyone to freely crowd your inbox. Be careful that when you do so, it is really necessary, as its very easy to get buried under all of the replies.
  • A'la Twitter!-The 140 character limit can be your best friend. It forces people to get to the point and gives your inbox a break from long drawn e-mails.
So start off the school year with a cleanse. Purge all of that junk mail, separate your important e-mails into folders, and save yourself a bunch of time.

Will you be clearing out your inbox? If so, how? Let us know!

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