Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Batter Up

When it comes to public relations writing there is no magic formula. One of the hardest and most crucial elements to master in public relations writing is the pitch. A pitch is used to inform the recipient, most recently bloggers, of a product, event, or piece of information on behalf of your client.  The response rate of a pitch is based on the how well you capture the recipients attention. By incorporating and adopting these four keys elements in your pitch, you will have a much higher success rate.

Write "Pitch" in the subject line:
As a general note, people like to know what they’re getting when they open an email. So when you write, “Pitch:," in the subject line, people are more inclined to open the email because they are immediately informed of its contents.

Do your research:
Make your pitch personal. When writing to a recipient include their blog name and a specific article. For example, "Upon reading your article “X” (title of article) I would like to present an opportunity to you and your readers at X (title of blog).
Be clear:
When you are writing to inform a blogger or journalist about an event tell them that you want them to attend. Just providing the information might be misinterpreted as soliciting. If they can't attend ask the author to extend the invitation to their readers.
Be nice:
Being polite gets you much farther with a pitch then if you just give the facts. For example if you say, "Thank you for your consideration in attending our upcoming event," at the end of your email, it can leave a great lasting impression.

Apply these four tips and score a home run with your next pitch.

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