Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Show Me The Money!

With non-profits and charities the most important question contributors ask is, “Where does the money go?” My most recent experience with charities deals with my internship at Comcast-Spectacor Charities. Since its inception in 1977, the organization has raised over 24 million dollars for local Philadelphia charities. Their motto: “If it matters in your community, it’s important to Comcast-Spectacor.” However, I have noted a lack of tangible efforts performed by the organization and as a result, a lack of contribution from repeat donors.  

Charities and non-profits raise an exuberant amount of money but if contributors physically cannot see where the money is going, you will lose repeat contributors, as I saw happen to Comcast-Spectacor.

In an effort to accumulate repeat contributors, Comcast-Spectacor proposed a new tactic to show contributors where the money physically goes. The Flyer’s wives participated in the renovation of a home on Camac Street in Philadelphia for a sick 7-year-old boy named Kahlil. As a result of their physical efforts, a jump in donation directly followed. The success of the project created a catalyst for an entire series of renovations, “Building Hope For Kids”. The series will focus on renovating chronically ill children’s bedrooms to brighten their future.
Charities and non-profits need to physically and tangibly show where contributors money goes. As seen with Comcast-Spectacor Charities, beneficiaries will be more inclined to contribute more frequently if they can physically see your organizations efforts.

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