Monday, April 2, 2012

Pink Slime Makes People See Red

A couple weeks ago, a viral social media campaign was launched featuring an ammonia-treated meat additive in the form of pink slime. Used
as a filler for meats used in fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and even school lunches, the use of pink slime allows meat to be produced cheaper than those without the additive. However, many customers are upset that the FDA would allow this to go on for so long, without making it known to people.

Soon after news of the slime broke, a petition was created and has garnered over 250,000 signatures to stop its use in public schools. Many large grocery stores such as Wal-Mart and Kroger have since stopped selling meat products without the additive. Kroger even released a statement, saying:

“We have listened to your concerns that the use of lean finely textured beef—while fully approved by the USDA for safety and quality—is something you do not want in ground beef. You are our top priority and for that reason we have decided to stop purchasing ground beef that contains lean finely textured beef.”

Since the social media rampage, the Beef Products, Inc., makers of 'pink slime' have since fired back. They created, in which they fire back at naysayers of pink slime. Beef Products post various news articles debunking the myth that pink slime is not healthy. They also created a graphic, shown below, that weighs the nutritional value of pink slime. “We produce 100 percent quality lean beef. That’s it. That whole thing is a farce. There’s no substance to it,” said Beef Products’ Craig Letch to the Chicago Tribune.

As opposed to other companies shying away from confronting critics, Beef Products has done no such thing. Although the Beef Products brand will be significantly tarnished, they did the right thing by pulling out stats, representatives, and credible resources to back their side of their story.

How do you think Beef Products handled its critics? Would you still buy meat products with the ammonia-treated filler in it? Let us know!

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