Monday, April 9, 2012

Temple PRSSA's Multi-School Mixer is a Hit!

After a night filled with new friends and good conversation at Field House, Temple University PRSSA members can agree that the Multi School Mixer was a hit. With PRSSA attendees from Rutgers, Rowan, and Drexel to name a few, members were able to network amongst each other in hopes of gaining tips, ideas, internship leads, or new contacts. The contemporary and peaceful atmosphere allowed for a fun night filled with games, finger foods, and drinks.

An exciting game of PR Quizzo made it more enjoyable to network with one another, easing the stress of meeting new people. "We were all extremely competitive, and everyone got into it," said Temple University PRSSA member Darwin Paz. "And I loved the hummus dip!" he added enthusiastically.

While PRSSA members are beginning to develop themselves professionally, networking is imperative. Although many did not realize networking with fellow students is also important, Temple University's PRSSA Multi-School Mixer proved valuable. "I gained multiple contacts that I may need in the future! I look forward to getting to know them and regularly touching base or meeting together at other social events," Darwin said. Members exchanged valuable information regarding past internships, or possible future ones. The night provided experience that you cannot gain in a classroom. "I would attend another Multi-School Mixer in a heartbeat," Darwin said. "It was super fun, and a great experience," he added. Hopefully, Temple University's PRSSA members will make the Multi-School Mixer an annual event, but until then keep networking!

This guest blog was written by PRSSA PR committee member Alyssa Fate.

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