Monday, May 21, 2012

Give & Take: Pitching to Bloggers

Pitching to bloggers can sometimes be unknown territory. With so many different categories and niches of bloggers, how can you pitch effectively and gain the support of the blogging community? Below are 6 things bloggers want from PR pros:

The specifics up front: Bloggers read a large volume of content daily, keep your pitch simple. Give the who, what, where, when, how up front and make it easier on them. Also, be clear with your deadline so that he/she can feasibly tell you if its possible to cover your story.

Compensation: These are hard times, and while it would be nice to offer monetary compensation to bloggers for coverage, 9 times out of 10 its not possible. A popular trend among bloggers are giveaways. Offer them a gift basket of your products to give away to their readers. Remind them why they should be promoting your product for free.

Information, not prewritten language: Give plenty of data and stats on your product. What are some FAQs? Pictures? Social media accounts? Do you have any other endorsers or sponsors? Give all of this information so that a blogger can easily, and quickly, cover your product, giving you more of a chance of having your product backed.

Promotion: It's a give and take world. While you want bloggers to promote your product, they also expect you to promote their blog via your social media channels. Tweet a link, share their blog on Facebook, anything that will both promote your product and establish a relationship with said blogger.

Patience with data: It's quality not quantity, try not to get bogged down by numbers. What's more important is the amount and scope of people you reached.

To keep in touch: Try to keep in touch with these bloggers, by establishing a good relationship, you will increase your chances of having your other products promoted by them.

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