Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfecting the PR Assistant Role

As the graduating class of 2013 anxiously thinks about where they will be a year from now, it is important to be knowledgeable of the entry-level positions most college graduate will begin next summer. While we would all love to be account executives or coordinators, the majority of us will most likely fall into the PR assistant role. Even if this isn’t the ideal position for you, remember to be the best PR assistant you can be. No role should be taken lightly. Today’s assistants are tomorrows account directors. Here are a few things to remember when trying to be the best assistant you can be:

  • Be Proud—Assistants often get the grunt work or the work that the higher ups would rather not do, and that’s okay. It is important to take any and all assignments as if the company depends on it. When higher level employees see you take the tedious assignments seriously, they will be more open to giving you bigger projects.
  • Be Indispensable—As an assistant you will work under the whole firm. There will be many people expecting things from you and it is important to act as if you can manage tasks from everyone. When someone asks you for a task, never say no. Make sure the entire staff knows who you are and understands that you are open and willing to help. 
  • Be Knowledgeable—Since most assistants are young and fresh out of college, you’ll have knowledge of the industry from a different perspective. When you’re invited to important meetings or see that your boss needs help, think creatively about how you can add insight to the project. Use your skills and knowledge to present fresh ideas to the older executives. In the long run, they will notice that you have been very insightful and will be more likely to promote you when the time comes. 
  • Be Energetic—It is easy to get flustered and overwhelmed as an assistant. Remember to smile and be happy. Positive energy will draw people to you and will lighten up the mood on a hectic day in the office. 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Andrea Jordan.

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