Monday, January 21, 2013

Junk the Jargon

One of the core principles behind PR people generating content for clients is that our specialty is making language accessible across multiple audiences. Certain fields like technology, medical services and finance have more trouble with this than others. Jargon, that is, terms that are not comprehensible to the general public, can make the difference between a consumer choosing your client over another.

When a company generates content that uses jargon, people may not be able to pull out key points and messages that the brand is trying to express. Those within the company often don't realize that they're using jargon, of course, because they are using these terms on a daily basis. This makes it even more difficult to remedy.

When buying into a particular company, people are looking for how well this particular product will serve their needs and wants. People in general do not like buying into something they don't understand and may frown upon a company for failing to tailor to their audience.

Have you ever witnessed a company that succumbed to jargon? Let us know!

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