Sunday, July 7, 2013

Almost Fall?!

Summer internships are in full throttle, but what happens when the summer ends? FALL INTERNSHIPS. It is already July, so start looking! Here are a few steps to help speed up the process.
  1. Search for internship- So, where do you look for these internship opportunities? The best answer to this question is, of course, through networking. Networking is the best way to learn about internships. However searching the web and talking to an advisor are also good ways to find opportunities.
  2. Master the resume- Your resume is your first impression. So, make sure it is flawless. If you have a summer internship, make sure to add it.  Also, have a few different pairs of eyes look over your resume before sending it out.
  3. Start applying- As we all know, internship supervisors look to fill their programs as early as possible, so getting your application out early is a key factor in the application process. It gives you an advantage over the other candidates.

Internships are key in the world of public relations, so the more you have, the better! Good luck with the process!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Kelly Dougherty.

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