Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ever Thought About Becoming A Celebrity Publicist?

Imagine a world where your clients are Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, or Chase Utley. The idea of becoming a celebrity publicist is off the beaten path of what we are used to as public relations students. Combining the aspects of advertising, marketing, and event planning, a celebrity publicist serves as a middleman between the client and the media by:

1. Working on image
Ideally, a publicist does everything in his or her power to ensure that the celebrity’s image is immaculate. But if you read or have seen any tabloids, you can probably guess that it all depends on the client. It’s a lot more work for a publicist with clients who are notorious for getting into trouble – whether it is with drugs, relationships, language, or generally inappropriate behavior.

2. Giving them a personal life

Celebrities are often desperate for a private life separate from magazines like U.S. Weekly. With paparazzi and journalists infesting their favorite cafes, it’s hard for any given celebrity to walk outside unnoticed. Publicists must strategize and implement solutions to keep the cameras far away when the client wants alone time.

3. Adjusting to the task
A celebrity’s schedule changes every single day; sometimes it changes in the middle of the day. A publicist must be able to adjust to the constant whirlwind of plans on the client’s itinerary. “I should probably run for Mayor, not that I'd ever be able to, but there is so much diplomacy involved in what you do as a publicist,” commented Liza Anderson, publicist of Eva Longoria. By successfully using public relations skills to handle whatever task is thrown a publicist’s way, he or she only becomes more experienced at their job!

Don’t forget that there doesn’t need to be a high-strung celebrity involved to be a publicist. Publicists have clients who are not on the red carpet, and still get to accomplish the same goals. Unfortunately, celebrity publicists are often targeted as jokes, but we understand that they stress for the sake of PR! Take the time to learn more about the potential careers you can pursue as a public relations student. 

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Alyssa Guckin.

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