Saturday, October 12, 2013

“Samantha Jones” PR verses Real Public Relations

Brushing shoulders with only the elite, standing in your brand new Christian LouBoutin heels, while staring out at the New York City skyline, all in a nights work. You may ask yourself, “What kind of profession will lead to that scenario?”  Well ask Samantha Jones, public relations expert.  Her character, played by Kim Cattrall on the hit TV series Sex and the City, depicts the life as a PR agent to be the most laid back and glamorous profession. 

Personally, my interest in the field sparked from Ms. Jones’s life style.   Who wouldn’t want to be in control of the VIP lists for extravagant events?  However, anyone within this field knows that this type of PR is not typical. 

One major difference between Samantha Jones and a real PR professional is the perspective on work.  As Jones’ character put it during the TV show, “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party.  I just believe in parties.”  A party to Jones is a well-planned event to PR professionals.  Every event put together by a PR professional requires numerous little details that people outside this career sometimes overlook.  Research, promoting, networking, and planning are all crucial for a successful outcome. 

Luckily for Jones, she not only gets into and throws the best parties; she also has a never-ending client list.  You will never catch her staying late at the office, working on different pitches for new clients. Original ideas and theories need to be tested with PR considering the field is always changing.  With change comes a fresh challenge; thus, Jones never altering her strategies when working with new clients creates an unrealistic persona for this career.  Facing the task of constant change is what makes public relations a round-the-clock job.

All play and no work may be Samantha Jones’ way of tackling the PR profession, but when it comes to reality, public relations always challenges.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Brittany Barish.

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