Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Use Of Social Media While Watching TV is Growing!

Days of looking at Television and simply submitting all your focus towards that show is slowly dying as social media and networking evolves. In the article The Evolution of Social on TV viewing, Mediabistro discusses the new trend of tweeting while looking at a television show. Through their studies it's now understood that 80% of people use their smart devices while watching TV. After reading this article I realize I definitely partake in this trend; watching television without signing in on twitter is currently not a norm for me. The moment I get ready to view a television show, I automatically log on to twitter. Not only to tweet about the television show but to also see what are my follower's view on the content of that particular segment. Nowadays, even the actors in certain shows are present in my twitter feed adding their two cents to each episode.

Below is an infographic on The Evolution of Social on TV viewing.

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