Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Signs You Shouldn't Start A Blog

"Why don't you start a blog," is a sentiment heard by most PR students when they enter their programs. We are encouraged to take the plunge, put our skills to use and start creating our own content for the world to see. 

Starting a blog is easier than ever; you can launch a complete website and start publishing content within a matter of minutes. Just because creating a blog is so simple doesn't mean that sustaining that blog and growing a following will be easy to do. Blogging takes time, patience, work and practice.

So, before you decide to hit "publish" on your first post, let's decipher if you're really meant to jump into the blog world.

1. You aren't good at time management.
Drafting a great post could take anywhere from a few hours to half of your day. Most blogger's post 3-5 days a week, if not more. Could you imagine putting almost the same amount of hours into your blog that part time workers spend on the job? If not, or if you don't have the time to spare, maybe starting a blog isn't the move for you.

2. You can't handle criticism.
Bloggers put their lives and skills on display in open forum, where anyone can add their two cents. The anonymity of the internet encourages people to be much more vocal than they would be in more personal interactions. Bloggers tend to have a thicker skin.

3. You don't like writing.
This should be obvious. If writing really isn't your thing, then signing up for a long-term writing commitment is definitely a wrong move.

4. You aren't active on social media.
From Twitter chats to fun meet ups on Google Hangouts, bloggers use social media to engage their readers, grow their following and form relationships with other bloggers. Some bloggers even manage personal accounts and separate ones for their blogs. 

5. You're only looking for a resume booster.
As you've read above, blogging is a true commitment that requires a lot of time and efforts. There are plenty of ways to enhance your resume that don't involve blogging and will still show that you're knowledgeable in your field.

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Are there any other signs that may indicate you shouldn't start a blog?

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