Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best and Worst Words Used in a Resume

Its around that time where we are all either updating or editing our resumes. Summer and Gradation is around the corner and its the season for job hunting and seeking summer internships. While browsing through the PR Newswire's website, Career Building surveyed employers on what were the worst and best words used on resumes.

The following are some of the words that are deemed to be a turnoff for employees:
1. Think outside the box
2. Go to person
3. Results driven
4. Hard worker
5. Strategic thinker
6. Self-motivated
7. Team player
8. Proactively 

The following are some of the words employers deemed to be strong terms to use in your resume:
1. Achieved
4. Volunteered
5. Influenced
6. Trained/Mentored
7. Negotiated 
8. Resolved

According to Career Building, one in every six employers usually spend 30 seconds or less on a candidate's resume. With this being said, its important you perfect your resume and leave no room for errors. Definitely using the right words in your resume is essential as it allows you to become a great candidate for that specific job. 

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