Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Not To Say At Your Internship

As college public relations majors, we students have one thing on the mind, internships. These internships give students an invaluable experience in a professional work place that are extremely beneficial and could even lead to a job.

As these last few weeks of summer internships are coming to an end, be sure to continue with your bright shining smiles, and avoid the following phrases in the work place:

1. "It's not my job."
Yes, you are an intern, but your responsibilities aren't limited to those specifically stated in your job description. This type of attitude will not leave a lasting impression on your boss.

2. "I really can not stand (insert colleague name here.)"
The last thing you want to do is come across as an immature catty college student. You have made it this far, be respectful to those you work with-don't be immature!

3. "I got so drunk last night."
Drinking on a work night is not something you want your coworkers to know about. It just shows that you are not truly taking your job seriously.

4. "It was not my fault!"
Bosses expect you to make mistakes. That is what internships are all about. If you mess up, own up to your mistakes, and fix it for the next time. 

Are there any other tips that you have to add to this list? Leave your ideas in the comments! 

This guest blog was written by PRowl staff member Kelly Dougherty. 

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