Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making The Transition From PR Student To PR Pro

It can be challenging to make the leap from college student to working professional. As a public relations student, you have the knowledge and skill set to take on a variety of positions in virtually any industry. By making slight moves in the right direction and considering your greatest goals, the transition can be a lot less daunting.  

Prep your Plan
Begin to set goals that will guide your career path. It’s important to relish in your new-grad bliss, but always be thinking about your next move. Your first job will rarely be your last. Consider the smaller steps you can take that will lead you in the direction of what your ultimately want to achieve in your professional life.

Keen on Connections
Keeping in touch with colleagues, professors, and supervisors is always a good idea. Connect on LinkedIn, follow each other on social media, or grab coffee every once in a while. Networking can be half the battle; it’s consistency that keeps a professional relationship healthy.

Organized, Nationwide
Your involvement in student organizations doesn’t have to end with graduation. You can continue your participation by joining nationally affiliated associations or local organizations. Make the move from PRSSA to PRSA (you can begin your PRSA membership up to five months before you graduate). Check out a local event hosted by PPRA, Philadelphia’s premier public relations association. These organizations provide you with valuable resources and tools to broaden your network and further your industry knowledge.

Alumni Associations
Stay involved with your alma mater! Alumni associations are a great way to keep up to date with your school, meet new people, and further your industry knowledge. Post-grad organizations offer excellent resources and opportunities, not to mention the wealth of knowledge that comes along with knowing fellow alumni from various industries, locations, and generations. Temple, specifically, has a variety of regional chapters and alumni societies.

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Never Stop Learning
Accept a position that allows you to grow as an individual. Increase your industry knowledge by attending conferences, taking workshops, or completing online tutorials. Volunteering for a non-profit or interning for a company within your field will allow you to gain industry experience and insights. A degree is just the beginning of what could be a life-long education.  

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Jacqueline Stroeber.

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