Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from PRowl Public Relations!

Merry Christmas! Everyone at PRowl Public Relations wishes you a happy and safe holiday!

Even though it is the holiday season, it is always important to practice proper etiquette. PR practitioners use some of these things every day, and it is important for you to do the same, especially around the holidays:

  • Always be pleasant. Smile, give a hug, have a firm handshake. It's the holidays. Nobody wants to be or look miserable.

  • Send thank you cards. If someone gives you an unexpected gift, always thank them. Make sure you always have simple thank you cards on hand. Mail them a thank you card the next morning.

  • If you're invited to a holiday party, ask what you can do to help. Give a nice bottle of wine, make an appetizer, bake your favorite Christmas cookies. Never go empty-handed.

Happy Holidays!

1 comment: said...

I want to be featured on your blog!

I have started my own PR service here in The LV and think it's really cool how you're going about getting your name out there. Tell your teachers you want an A now!

I have clients who range from uber high end Designers to perfume and entertainment companies. I also am publicizing a new gallery here that is starting to feature new artists and live performances.

My blog tells you everything about my daily life. If you read it, co back to the beginning to see the year that it's been.