Sunday, July 26, 2009

Essential PR Skills and Proficiencies

After reviewing some recent articles and blog posts outlining skills needed by the PR professional of the future, Al Krueger of Comet Branding Blog asserted that "the skills outlined in many of the 'skills of tomorrow's PR pros' posts are needed TODAY."

Here are some traits he outlined that will always be needed - today and in the future.

  1. Strong journalistic writing and storytelling
  2. Relationship development
  3. Business acumen
  4. Curiosity and restlessness
  5. Programming and design
  6. Working knowledge of social media distribution platforms
  7. Video creative direction and production
  8. Community gardening
  9. Walking the talk
  10. Proving return on investment

The list is pretty self-explanatory, but see Krueger's blog post for further explanation of each skill and its importance to the field of PR.

I found both Krueger's point and his list very insightful and helpful. What traits on the list do you possess and which do you still need to finesse or develop? Personally, I need to work on developing skill in video creative direction and production, as well as programming and design. I also need to gain more experience and knowledge in the business-related aspects of PR, such as proving return on investment and developing business acumen (building experience, practical knowledge and credibility in a certain industry). I also feel that community gardening is something that I need to learn more about; it seems that this will come with time and experience in the field.

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