Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seeking Facebook Addicts

What a great article! I found this piece on (in partnership with which highlights "Five jobs for Facebook addicts."

We all have recognized by now that skills in social media are necessary for potential employment. But now with so many people embracing a lifestyle revolving around social media there is no wonder, the perfect jobs really do exist. Where many people preach against joining social networks, there are companies which recruit and search for users online, promoting association to these social institutions. So for those Facebook frequenters out there, you might want to consider the following job titles for your future employment.

5 Jobs for Facebook addicts:

1. Recruiter
2. Strategist
3. Enterprise architect
4. User operations analyst
5. Director of social media

For more insight on each occupation check out the article!

The article also offers some advice in searching for a social media job, stating, "finding social media jobs is difficult but many of these positions," can be found, "under a variety of job titles that don't include "social media."" Also, "try searching job boards and the Internet for "social media," "interactive marketing," "new media" or "branding manager.""

Good luck and happy Facebook-ing!

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