Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I thought this advice for graduating PR students was really insightful, especially because of the difficult times facing this year's graduates!

Here are seven tips offered by Nicole Jordan on the blog, "Kicking Sand."

  1. Read Brian Solis' book: "he is one of the foremost thinkers in our field."
  2. Follow through: "Understand that the second you start interviewing and, once you land your first full-time job is the second your professional reputation begins."
  3. Your digital profile: "You should watch attention to what you say and what's posted." Online profiles "give me a good sense of what kind of contribution, or distraction, you might bring to my office."
  4. Read. A lot.: "I read anything and everything that's going to feed my role as the communicator for my company and the bridge to the outside."
  5. Don't get impatient: "PR is an art and there are nuances to the craft that will take you years and years to learn. So focus on learning..."
  6. Try out other departments: "The practice of public relations/ communications touches all aspects of the company...[g]o spend some time in the customer service department...hang out with the sales team..." This knowledge will help you learn to communicate value through many different outlets.
  7. The PR world is tiny: "Your reputation is crucial and it will follow you everywhere because the PR world is a tiny, tiny incestuous thing. Always strive to do your job with integrity."

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