Monday, August 4, 2008

Bush at the Olympics

The Beijing Olympics has been a public relations disaster from the very beginning.

I am going to avoid discussing the terrible human rights infractions that China inflicts upon its people, and focus instead on another issue that has recently been in the news.

Why is President Bush attending the Olympic Games?

Bush insists that sports and politics don't mix but what kind of message does he send by attending the games?

I understand that he is going "simply as a fan" and "cheering on his country" but doesn't him being there at all send a political message?

Bush is in a difficult situation.

On the one hand, he has human rights groups urging him to boycott the Opening Ceremony and to take further action against political leaders for their behavior, but on the other hand, he is trying to "appease" China because they are quickly becoming quite powerful.

After reading the linked Washington Post article and seeing the things that Bush has planned to do during his 4-day stay in China (meeting with leaders, worshipping at a church to urge religius tolerance), I am even more convinced that Bush should stay home and watch the Olympic Games from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What do you think Bush should do?

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