Friday, August 1, 2008

Watch what you wear!

Whether spending your day at your dream job, or maybe just an “in between” job, or even an internship; whatever your role, as the saying goes – “dress for success.” As a PR practitioner you are constantly representing someone- your firm, your client(s) and yourself. According to (by way of CNN) the following are four tips for dressing professionally on the job.

• Stock your closet -- Start with the versatile basics, such as a pair of black pants, a dark pant suit, some button-down collared shirts and a classic pair of dark shoes. Once you have the staples, you can continue to build your wardrobe to give you plenty of professional options.

• Keep it neat and clean -- Make sure your pants, shirts and other clothes are ironed, stain-free and in good condition. When your clothes look sloppy, so do you.

• Steer clear of bar attire -- Don't mistake the office for your local watering hole. Leave the slinky shirts, tight pants and cut off t-shirts at home.

• Look the part -- Have a client presentation or a meeting with the CEO? Dress for the part, making sure you choose appropriate articles of clothing for your role.

For more information on the importance of your attire at work, click here.

One highlight of the article: “41 percent of employers more often promote people who dress better.”

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