Friday, August 8, 2008

Want to learn MORE about PR?

I get emails all the time from names I've never heard of. When I started noticing a "Daily Dog" email in my inbox every day, I decided to check it out. I soon found out that it was a daily email about anything and everything PR! After I found out what the email was about, I needed to know who the people were that wrote the stories for the Daily Dog?

The "Daily Dog" email is produced by the Bulldog Reporter. I got this description from the Bulldog Reporter's website:
"In short, our media relations products and services provide the most useful, most comprehensive and most accurate information about media relations available to public relations practitioners." Quote taken from here.

I always think it's interesting to find new places to read about PR. The "Daily Dog" is a great place to information about current events in the PR world, PR technology, PR people, PR trends and much more. Go to the website, and get signed up for the Daily Dog!

Do any of you read the "Daily Dog?"

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