Friday, August 22, 2008

Tiffany & Co., #1 in Customer Service

So, I have been meaning to buy jewelry cleaner lately, because well- my jewelry is getting obnoxiously dirty. I got out of work early today (yay, Friday!) so I decided to walk around the corner to Tiffany & Co. I walked upstairs to the luxurious customer service center. With two other people in front of me, I sat in their very comfortable chairs for no more than 10-15 minutes.

When it was my turn I asked for their silver cleaner, and the attendant picked up the "Tiffany's blue" box and placed it in a "Tiffany's blue" bag. As I got out my credit card to pay, she says "No, I would like to give this to you for waiting so patiently." After I promised her it was not a long wait she insisted I take the jewelry cleaner at no charge.

Although the jewelry cleaner was not expensive, and would not come close to denting their very lucrative business, I walked out with a good feeling. My entire trip home all I could think about was how nice the woman was and how I will never buy jewelry anywhere else because of their excellent customer service. Even though I did not show any agitation while waiting, Tiffany & Co. knows how to treat their customers, and it is why they are such a reputable company.

Customer service is a company's most effective tool, and Tiffany & Co. sure knows how to use it.

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Anonymous said...

i just had a run in with the tiffany repairs department. i purchased a beautiful pair of earrings and the backings weren't correct. the lady on the phone kept saying... "you should just go to a store." it was as if i was dealing with walmart (actually i think even walmart would have provided better customer service.)i've loved tiffany's because of their amazing customer service... unfortunately it didn't make it's way over to the repairs department. incredibly dissapointed.