Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Classes and your Options

As a junior in college, I was planning to pursue a general business minor, in which I would be taking four mandatory classes, then I would choose four other business classes from a long list. I realized at the beginning of the semester that a business minor might not be right for me. I declared it pretty late in my college career, and I don't see myself working in corporate PR.

After having a discussion with my parents and some fellow classmates, I came to the conclusion that I will not work towards a business minor anymore. One of my classmates was advised by a professor that, as a PR major, instead of looking towards a minor, take courses from the other majors in the School of Communications and Theater. That's my plan now, and I'm a lot happier with that decision. I want to learn more about the other fields of communication and how they all work with and against each other.

As a student trying to figure out what to do with elective credits, try to picture yourself in the future. If you know you want to work in Corporate America, then a business minor would most likely benefit you, or maybe even pursuing a double major. However, if you know that Corporate America isn't the right fit for you, then look in another direction. Get opinions from your peers, professors, older classmates, family members, etc. You'll get a lot of different input and you have a better look into all of your options.

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