Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How To: Write a Professional Email

Everyone has heard the negative connotations that come with too much of a good thing. Even though we are all so lucky to be able to text, facebook chat, google chat, IM and email our friends almost anytime we want, it can really start to have negative effects on us! When we sit down to write an email to a professor, coworker or potential employer, where do we start? Here are some quick tips on how to write a professional email.
  • Start off with a professional greeting. Things like "Good morning," "Hello" and "Greetings" are all acceptable. One more thing: if you're going to personalize your email, remember to spell the person's name correctly! Even though it sounds silly, a mistake like that could cost you big time.
  • If you're emailing the person for the first time, make sure to introduce yourself. Were you a student in their class, an audience member at presentation they gave, referred by a colleague of theirs? Whatever it is, make sure to tell them!
  • Make sure the body of your email is clear and concise. In PRSSA today, Sarah Hines from PCVB gave us some great tips about PR. One of the things she said was to always keep emails short and to the point. It's okay to be friendly, but try not to go on and on.
  • Let them know how to contact you. Yes they already have your email, but what about your cell number? If you're sending in a resume for an interview, they may want to call you to set one up. Make sure to give them your information.
  • Just like you need a professional greeting, you need a professional signature. Signatures like "Thank You," and "Sincerely" are classic examples and are always professional.
  • Last but certainly not least, PROOFREAD! And when you're done, do it again. Make sure your email has no mistakes before you send it, because once you press the button there's no getting it back!

Does anyone have additional tips? Let us know!

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