Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guest Speaker: Joanna Hawkins

Today in my Advanced Public Relations Writing class we had a guest speaker named Joanna Hawkins from the U.S. Department of Labor. She gave us tips on how to become great PR professionals by making sure we have the basics down. Some of her tips were:
  • Learn the AP Stylebook backwards and forwards. Having a working knowledge of the rules of the AP Stylebook will set you apart from other writers.
  • Research doesn't end after college, so become the best you can be at it. She said that she does research constantly at her job, so learn to love it!
  • Be a great communicator. Have the ability to speak to everyone, from cold calling to reporters you've developed a relationship with.

Another great piece of advice she gave us was to not worry about knowing everything about the industry you get a job in by your first day. Have the basics of public relations down, and learn new information as you go!

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