Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Personal!

In the public relations industry, the importance of making oneself stand out cannot be overstated. One PR professional decided to send out personalized, hand-written valentine's day cards to her clients, colleagues and media contacts--and stand out she did!

The New York Post was one of the recipients of the cards sent by Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Public Relations. The Post was so excited to receive the card that they wrote about it on one of their blogs, The Spread."While Christmas and New Year's cards regularly flood the office, we've never been a p.r. firm's sweetheart before," the Post said.

In an email to The Spread, Hammerling explained her reasoning for sending the Valentine's Day cards: "'The thing is, everyone sends holiday cards and they seem like a requirement and they get lost in the mounds of other holiday cards and seem so generic and impersonal,'" she said.

This just goes to show that thinking out of the box can set you apart from your peers and competitors, help build your credibility with journalists and gain you some good PR, too!

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