Friday, February 19, 2010

PR and I, We Have a PRomance Going On... #HAPPO

As a graduating senior I've decided to participate in HAPPO (see Jaime Scofield's post below for details) with the hope of building my PR network and discovering what opportunities are available in the PR field. PRowl Public Relations has been generous enough to host my HAPPO post on their blog today. Check out my post below!

In PR, our goal is to produce creatively crisp communication that starts a dialogue. Considering this, let's talk. I'm a senior Strategic and Organizational Communications major at Temple University graduating on May 13 and I'm looking for a job in the public relations field. I've chosen this field because of my love of writing, my curiosity, my creativity and, most importantly, my desire to tackle challenges with innovative solutions. In short, PR and I were bound to fall in love. For me, public relations is like a puzzle, and finding a way to fit all of the pieces perfectly together - goals, strategies, tactics, etc. - is the best, most rewarding challenge of all.

Why hire me, you ask? Well, I began my evolution from college student to communications professional over two years ago when I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America. This led me to interview for PRowl Public Relations, Temple University's first student-run PR firm. I acquired a position on the firm's staff and quickly began learning everything that I could about my new passion. In PRowl, we produce, implement and evaluate full public relations plans for real clients. My hard work and dedication to the firm paid off when I earned a spot as an Account Executive. On April 14, 2009 I landed my client Ursula's About PHace, a Philadelphia-based skin care spa, on a NBC 10 evening news broadcast - a highlight of my college career. As a current senior I'm proud to be a member of the firm's Executive Board as the Director of Finance, as well as an Account Executive for our long time client the Rebecca Davis Dance Company.

In addition to my extracurricular work with PRowl Public Relations I've been fortunate enough to intern for the National Kidney Foundation Serving the Delaware Valley and for LevLane Public Relations, both in Philadelphia, Pa. In my combined year and a half of work experience with both organizations I've handled media relations, planning, research and social media. Having both nonprofit and agency PR experience has given me a well rounded look at the industry and I'm confident that it fits me like a glove.

To learn more about me please don't hesitate to find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter @BriannaMFisher or connect via e-mail at Also, take a look at my archive as a weekly blogger for PRowl Public Relations by clicking on my name at the right of the screen. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and for participating in #HAPPO. If you like what you've heard, now it's your turn to talk.

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