Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Relating Peer Tutoring to Public Relations

In September I started my job as a Peer Tutor at the Fox School's Business Communications Writing Center. I originally applied for the job because I needed some extra cash after studying abroad last summer. After starting in the fall I realized what a great opportunity it was for me to work at the center as a Peer Tutor, and how the position would help me pursue public relations. Here are a few things that I have learned:
  • The students that I work with are all business students, and the writing they do is much different than the writing I do in my classes. Helping students with business papers has opened my eyes to the difficulties that others face with writing, the different curriculum that exist at Temple University, and the different methods that can be used to teach someone about writing.
  • I have the opportunity to constantly work on my own writing. Before starting, I had to brush up on my grammar skills and other basic elements of writing. Grammar has always been tough for me, and is something that I should be working on all the time. I need to understand grammar rules to be a tutor and to be a PR professional.
  • Talking about writing, no matter what kind, makes you a better writer. I find that many of the students I see are good writers but are uncomfortable with their writing. It helps so much to be able to talk through a paper with someone else in order to clear your head and see the direction you can take.

I have learned so much at my job at the writing center, and I'm lucky that everything I've learned I can apply to my future career. I would advise any communications major, or anyone who loves to write, to seek out opportunities like this on campus. It's a great job!

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